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 TIEMPO  NO   NOMBRE                 NAC SEX    Máq     CLUB

 68:30        Alexis COTTARD         FR                 Audax Club Parisien           Del 2 al 6 de Septiembre, 1931
 68:30        Gaston RUARD           FR                 Audax Club Parisien           1186 km
 68:30    28  Julien TRANCHANT       FR                 Gambetta Cyclotourisme
 69:20        André DUGARD           FR                                               Participan: 60
 70:35        Louis COINTEPAS        FR                 Individuel France             Abandonan: 16 (26.7%)
 70:55        Eugène CLAERHOUT       FR                 Gambetta Cyclotourisme        Finalizan: 44
 70:55        Georges MAUPIOUX       FR
 77:08        Fernand BESNIER        FR                                               Ir a: Fuente de datos en sitio oficial PBP: Resultados 1931
 77:08        Émile LIMON            FR                 Individuel France             Ir a: 1931 Excel work file
 79:00        Pierre BREVET          FR                                               Ir a: 1931 Otras Listas (mujeres & tandems)
 80:50        Louis WILLEMIN         FR
 81:28        Paul NAUDIN            FR
 81:30        Camille PERTHUIS       FR
 88:10        Germaine DANIS         FR  F      TM      Tandémistes Parisiens
 88:10        Jean DANIS             FR         TM      Tandémistes Parisiens
 88:10        Louis OLLIER           FR                 Audax Club Parisien
 88:10        Jean TERRIER           FR
 88:30        Ernest PAILLER         FR
 88:35        Juliette PITARD        FR  F      TM      Audax Club Parisien
 88:35        Louis PITARD           FR         TM      Audax Club Parisien
 90:15        Edmond LESPAGNOL       FR
 90:25        Jean HUSSON            FR
 90:25        Maurice LEGUEULT       FR
 90:25        Eugène SEIGNEURAY      FR
 90:50        Maurice TERNAUX        FR
 91:20        Jacques GREUX          FR                 CT Parisiens
 91:30        Alexis GORGEON         FR         TM      Union Audax Cycl. Parisiens
 91:30        Claire GORGEON         FR  F      TM      Union Audax Cycl. Parisiens
 91:40        Charles BELLANTAN      FR
 91:50        Étienne DUBOIS         FR         TM      Union Audax Cycl. Parisiens
 91:50        Georgette DUBOIS       FR  F      TM      Union Audax Cycl. Parisiens
 92:00        Georges ROCHER         FR
 92:20        Ideüs ROËD             FR
 92:30        Maurice SCHLAUDER      FR
 92:55        Henri JEANNEL          FR
 93:00        Paul BLANCHARD         FR
 93:00        René FILLIAU           FR
 93:20        Gilbert MAURIN         FR
 93:25        Paulette VASSARD       FR  F              Audax Club Parisien
 94:00        Marcel ISAMBERT        FR
 94:00        Victor TURPIN          FR                 Gambetta Cyclotourisme
 94:10        André PETITJEAN        FR
 94:45        Auguste DESMOTS        FR         TH      Cyclos de la Sarthe - Le Mans
 94:45        Jules LEGEAY           FR         TH      Cyclos de la Sarthe - Le Mans
 96:35 (HD)   -- MASSON              FR  F

Del 2 al 6 de Septiembre, 1931
1186 km
Participan: 60
Finalizan: 44

Fuente de datos: Página oficial de la PBP: resultados de 1931.

Notes: This is the first of three years where the randonneur PBP ran along side the pro race PBP. In A Short History of Paris-Brest-Paris, Bill Bryant states: "While still a very prestigious professional race, the organizers dropped the category for the unglamorous touristes-routiers. Luckily for today's randonneurs, the Audax Club Parisien stepped in and organized a 1200-kilometer brevet run alongside the race." So although these two sets of riders were riding on the same course, at more of less the same time, it may have seemed more than ever like two events, with two separate sets of results. The 1931 randonneur results are from the official PBP web site which came on line in 2006. Following PBP 2007 French rider, and multiple PBP finisher, Alain Collongue was able to improve the results for all years by adding some information and making corrections in the existing data. The information on this page was taken form the Alain's corrected 1931 file - it is dated Jan. 4, 2008 on the PBP site. The PBP web site's randonneur results are ordered alphabetically by rider's last name, though the official results in 1931 would have been order by time. Although I've restored the list to time ordering, it only approximates the official 1931 list because riders who finished at the same time would not necessarily have been listed alphabetically within their minute group.

Paco Santos